How to Create Reminders in MemberPress on the WordPress Website

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Create Reminders in MemberPress

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MemberPress plugin for WordPress helps you to easily create reminders in MemberPress on the WordPress website that delivers to your customers before their membership going to expires. These Reminders feature in the MemberPress plugin is very important for maintaining subscribers and avoiding complaints when they log on to the website and overwhelming about “why I can’t able to view this protected content?”

MemberPress is a membership plugin for WordPress websites for those who want to monetize their blog by creating paid membership or content restrictions by making their subscribers or customers pay for your content, in simple words you can charge your subscribers or customers by enabling content lock systems for your blog posts. Once they pay for your subscription, they will soon start reading your blog posts without any restrictions. With MemberPress you can easily create digital downloadable products, and courses, as well as help you to track membership subscriptions, and much more features, you can learn from the MemberPress website.

In this guide, I will help you with how to create Reminders in MemberPress on the WordPress website. Let’s say, you going on vacation for one week but your subscriber’s membership going to expire and you want their membership to continue. With the MemberPress Reminders feature, you can easily achieve that, so you can enjoy your vacation happily.

And there’s more, if you going for one month or more, MemberPress also helps you with that by creating multiple reminders in MemberPress. So, let’s break down how to create Reminders in MemberPress on the WordPress website. Before you create reminders, make sure you have purchased a MemeberPress plan and installed a MemberPress plugin on your WordPress website (See how to install MemberPress plugin on WordPress website or you can see our guide on how to install plugins on the WordPress website).

Follow the step-by-step guide on how to create reminders in MemberPress on the WordPress website.

  1. First, log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Then click the “MemberPress” menu from the left and select “Reminders.”
  3. To create your first reminder click the “Add New” button from the top of the page.
  4. From here you will need to configure a “Trigger” with some additional options related to the email itself underneath.
    1. In the “Trigger” option you can set the number of days, hours, weeks, months, or years. With this option, you can wish to send reminders to your subscribers before their membership going to expire.
    2. Right after “Trigger”, you will find an options box where you can set actions like “before Subscription Expires” and other actions (you can find all actions by drop-down this box or you can see the preview of actions in the below image, as well as the full meaning of those options I have added in the table)
  5. After configuring the “Trigger” option and actions, you will see the “Emails” box below the “Trigger” box.
  6. In this “Emails” box, you can edit the actual email reminder that is delivered to your subscribers or customers (including admin copy) by clicking the “Edit” button.
  7. In the “Edit” section you can add some graphics or text to customize the email with your branding, also you can use variables to personalize your message to subscribers or customers.
  8. Once you complete your edition section, you can see the third option called “Send only for specific Memberships.” By checking this box, you can send these reminders to specific subscribers or customers.
  9. Once everything is done, now you are ready to hit the “Publish” button. (Make sure to re-checking your settings before publishing)
  10. All of these processes are repeatable, you can add many as reminders for different scenarios.
Manage Reminders
Add or Edit Reminders
Reminder Options

MemberPress Reminders Trigger Meaning

  • after Member Signs Up – Sent when a user signs up for any membership. Note: this reminder is only triggered for the user’s first registration. Any subsequent registrations will not trigger it.
  • after Signup Abandoned – Sent if a user submits the first page of the registration process, but then fails to complete the payment page. Regardless of subscription type. Note: as best practice, please don’t set this reminder to anything less than 12 hours after the event. This is because the user may return shortly, etc.
  • before Subscription Expires – Sent before a one-time (non-lifetime) payment expires, OR before the last payment of a cancelled recurring subscription expires.
  • after Subscription Expires – Sent after a one-time (non-lifetime) payment expires, OR after the last payment of a cancelled recurring subscription expires.
  • before Subscription Renews – Sent before the user will be billed again. (e.g. if the subscription is monthly, the user will get this email before each monthly billing). This reminder email is not sent if the subscription has been cancelled.
  • after Subscription Renews – Sent after the user has been billed a renewal on an automatically recurring subscription. (e.g. if the subscription is monthly, the user will get this email after each monthly billing).
  • before Credit Card Expires – Sent before the user’s entered credit card expires. Does not work if user paid with a PayPal account.
  • after Credit Card Expires – Sent after the user’s entered credit card expires. Does not work if user paid with a PayPal account.
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