How to Add Content Protection Rules in MemberPress

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How to Add Content Protection Rules in MemberPress

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Do you wish to protect specific sections or modules on your MemberPress membership site? In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add content protection rules in MemberPress to protect individual modules or sections of your membership website.

You can limit a certain page, post, or module using the MemberPress plugin. As a result, they won’t be able to access protected information until they pay for a membership, which can be weekly, monthly, yearly, or one-time.

MemberPress is a membership plugin for WordPress websites for those who want to monetize their blog by creating paid membership or content restrictions by making their subscribers or customers pay for your content, in simple words you can charge your subscribers or customers by enabling content lock systems (Paywall content) for your blog posts. Once they pay for your subscription, they will soon start reading your blog posts without any restrictions. With MemberPress you can easily create digital downloadable products, and courses, as well as help you to track membership subscriptions, and much more features, you can learn from the MemberPress website.

(Learn more about how to install the MemberPress plugin on the WordPress website or see our step-by-step instructions on how to install the WordPress plugin using multiple methods).

You’ll need at least one Membership on your membership site to add content protection rules in MemberPress. Rules are a Memberpress feature that allows you to limit access to specific content or modules on your membership site.

How to Add Content Protection Rules in MemberPress

Types of content protection rules in MemberPress

  • All content – This option will restrict your entire website. You can add exceptions to this rule (such as your registration page) by entering the page ID in the Except field.
  • Posts categorized and posts tagged – Using this option will protect all content under a specific category or tag.
  • Single post – This rule protects an individual post, which you can specify by entering its title in the relevant field.
  • All posts – You can use this option to protect all your posts if you wish and specify post IDs that should be exempt from this rule.
  • Custom URL – You can also protect a specific URL, which is particularly useful if you want to restrict content such as e-books or documents.
  • Custom post type – If you’ve created any custom post types on your website, MemberPress will let you protect them as well.

How to add content protection rules in MemberPress

In this tutorial, I will choose to restrict all content categorized. To do so, go to your WordPress site admin panel and click the MemberPress menu, select Rules, and then click Add New.

How to Add Content Protection Rules in MemberPress

Then, in the Protected Content section, select All Content Categorized from the drop-down list, and then type Platinum in the text area. Specify which membership tier or member should have authority to see this content under Access Conditions.

How to Add Content Protection Rules in MemberPress

Now let’s set up the Drip/Expiration function. Simply enable the checkbox and specify when you want the content to become available, as well as what action users must take to have access to it. Then press the Save Rule button. Platinum members will have access to all content categorized as ‘platinum’ one day after purchasing their Platinum subscriptions by doing so.

How to Add Content Protection Rules in MemberPress

You can also redirect people who don’t have access to certain sections if they try to view those pages. MemberPress will display an unauthorized message by default. You can, however, modify this notification or redirect them to a certain page.

Navigate to MemberPress > Settings > Pages to make changes to these settings. Then go to Unauthorized Access and scroll down.

How to Add Content Protection Rules in MemberPress

Finally, I hoped this tutorial will help you how to add content protection rules in MemberPress. Learn more about the MemberPress plugin on their official website or try the MemberPress plugin today (up to $200 off) to create an excellent membership site and get paid for your exclusive content.

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