Grow Your Agency Using Flywheel Growth Suite

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How To Grow an Agency Using Flywheel Growth Suite

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Do you ever think about how to grow an agency? Alternatively, how can you keep track of all of your websites in one place? , or how do you send bills to your customers on a regular basis? etc., etc., etc., and so on. Flywheel Growth Suite, on the other hand, now allows you to do all of these things from a single dashboard. Flywheel has released these Growth Suite solutions for agency owners and freelancers, or any business owners may easily and quickly add new clients without any headache.

The new Flywheel Growth Suite is an all-in-one dashboard for your growing agency, or as you can call it, the ultimate growth tool. With Flywheel Growth Suite, you can bill your clients on a recurring basis, bill your clients for projects and one-time services with ease, bill your clients in their preferred currency, prove your value to clients with recurring agency-branded reports, create predictable revenue based on intuitive insights, manage all your sites from a single place, and establish a professional (financial reporting) presence, or set up a custom library with your unique services to reuse. Also, get speed, security, and support with the most trusted Managed WordPress hosting solution from Flywheel.

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Sites Management in Growth Suite
Sites Management in Growth Suite

Everyone wants their agency, company, or business to grow, and you’ll be thrilled if you have a lot of clients or works, but as soon as you add a new account and expand your professional base by keeping track of all the different elements, the prices can quickly keep rising.

In rapidly growing agencies, things that are done faster get unmanageable. Even if you’re willing to succeed, if you’re working on multiple projects ranging from client-focused hosting and bulk-site maintenance to SEO audits and UX design, you can feel overwhelmed.

Growth Suite assists growing agencies, businesses, companies or enterprises in maintaining their rapidly increasing workload, generating monthly recurring revenue, and freeing up time to pursue their priorities.


If your agency or business is growing faster than you expected, developing too slowly, or getting overburdened, you may need to think about how to take it to the next level. The Growth Suite dashboard makes it simple to keep track of your clients and earn money for the services you sell, with its intuitive dashboard that helps you monitor trends and understand income streams in greater depth.

Growth Suite Dashboard
Growth Suite Dashboard

The fastest way to manage these tasks is to manage them as a single system, but managing them independently might be a good way to improve the structure and accelerate the growth of your agency or freelance business.

Monitor Revenue Stream

Without a complete idea of a company’s revenue stream, it’s difficult to grow it effectively. Your business plan will be better defined if you make data-driven decisions concerning clients who pay on time, hosting insights, and valuable tasks. Beyond accounting software, there are a lot of solutions for gaining a consolidated overview of your revenue stream, and Growth Suite is a fantastic choice here as well.

Client Setup
Creating invoices for your clients

It’s critical to establish a comprehensive view of your business and follow it over time to gain insights and trends in order to help it grow. You can produce a constant monthly recurring revenue by putting in place a plan, generating predictable revenue each month that you can build on.

Clients and their reports area

Set Billing and Invoicing for Your Clients

You might be tempted to provide individual payment schedules and invoicing alternatives the first time you accept a client. Managing clients with various billing systems may work at first, but as your business grows, you will become annoyed (at the very least). By combining bills and invoices into a single, trustworthy, and uncomplicated process, you can reduce the volume and guarantee payment for all of your services. Even though it is time-consuming, establishing that procedure today will pay off later.

Recurring Invoice
create recurring payments on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis

You may have improved the potential of your offerings when seeking new projects due to your commitment to fulfilling every client. So there is no questioning that fulfilling client wishes are important, but you also need to carefully identify the difference between what a service is and what it isn’t.

Creating a services

You can deliver your projects more efficiently if you define services properly, even going so far as to specify differentiated offers if necessary, and you may set expectations about what will and won’t be included in your scope of work from the start of a customer relationship.

It will also help you bill and invoice more efficiently, as well as offer you and your clients much-needed information.

Service Details
Services information

Put your clients first

You already know that your clients are one-of-a-kind and that’s why they’re your clients, but how can you continue to offer them the attention they deserve as your business grows?

Start organizing your ledger to follow the same structure for any and all client accounts. As a result, you’ll never have to track down emails or random documents before the next appointment because every detail about each client is at your fingertips.

Client Brand Reports
Creating brand reports for your clients

Various agencies provide their clients with their own websites where they may view their portfolios, pay, send payment requests, and connect with them as needed. Maintaining contact with your customers ensures that they receive the white-glove recognition they deserve.

Client Reports
Define the contents in your client’s reports

Focused on Reliable Platform with Speed & Security

You’ll be able to maintain your clients and keep track of all the services you’re giving as your agency grows if you focus on the above useful practices. The third stage is to ensure that you’re constructing fast, dependable sites and that your work is maintained on high-speed services.

You can streamline all of these workflows using Flywheel’s Growth Suite client management capabilities, as well as take advantage of the ultra-secure infrastructure, collaboration workflow tools, their fastest and most trusted Flywheel Managed WordPress hosting, and excellent technical support from their expert teams.

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