Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

The only suite you will need to manage your client in one place, plus much more

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Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite
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Before I begin, I’d like to share some information with you.

Consider how frustrating and difficult it is to manage clients if you’re a freelancer, developer, or agency owner. Many things must be taken care of, such as keeping track of clients, setting up invoices, billing, site stats, site optimization backup, security updates, and many other things, or simply call it a client report, which is impossible to find in any other hosting company, but someone has the special ability to get this job done in one place.

All of these jobs can be time-intensive and difficult to manage if you have a significant number of clients, wasting not just your energy but also your budget. It’s great to have a lot of clients, but it doesn’t imply you should end there.

To push your organization to the next level, you must strive for excellence and concentrate on the finest ways to manage your clients in order to provide the best-in-class experience, which will almost certainly result in a profitable company.

If I told you that you could do everything I mentioned at the beginning in one place, would you believe me? Okay, the tool is called Flywheel Growth Suite,” and it includes tons of features that are mostly available to web development agencies, developers, freelancers, and even solo developers.

The features include site analysis, backups, security, updates, site optimization, client reporting, client management, recurring invoices, multiple site management in one place, white labeling and so much more.

Using different services to do specific tasks is no longer the only option; you can now manage all of their tasks in one easy place. Only an efficient platform to handle all of the client’s work is required to scale your business and increase revenue.

Reports are one of the most effective strategies to keep your clients happy and informed about your work. They can readily digest the data because reports provide visual information that they can quickly glance over if they’re pressed for time.

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However, as I mentioned earlier in this article, sharing reports with your clients on a regular basis can be a stressful job. Furthermore, keeping track of all modifications such as software upgrades, configuration changes, and custom WordPress development necessitates a significant investment of time and resources. Furthermore, all of this information must be compiled into a report.

You can manage these various tasks as well as client reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite to send out reports to all of your clients, as I said earlier. So let’s get started. But first, have a look at the screenshots below to see how it looks once the web agency or developer has delivered reports to their clients.

Plus, you don’t have to do any creative work; simply select the contents you want to include in your client report, and it will automatically generate the report for your clients, which is quite convenient.

So, let me give you an example of how you can create a client report in the Flywheel Growth Suite.

Create a client report in Flywheel Growth Suite

You might be wondering what a Client Report is. It’s a recurring, customized, and agency-branded document that includes the most important site information for your clients, such as page views and site optimization specifics.

1. Click the Clients option in the main menu.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

2. Navigate to the Reports tab and click Create New Report in the upper corner. Alternatively, you can start a new report from the Reports tab on an individual Client page.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

3. Click Create New Report to get started or you can choose an existing template.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

Customize report

Your agency’s logo and colors, as well as a welcome message, can be added to Client Reports. The panel on the right-hand side will show a live preview as you enter information.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

1. Choose a cover style. You can select from a Branded style by uploading your agency’s logo, or Illustration style. Enter the hex value of your agency’s main color to complete the custom look.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

2. Enter a title for your report and add an optional welcome message.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

3. Select which header and footer information you’d like to include and optionally upload your logo to appear in the header.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

4. Click Next Step to move to the next section.

Define report contents

Client Reports allow you to give information relevant to your client’s needs, such as Flywheel hosting metrics such as site backup information and plugin updates, as well as Google Analytics data (with the free Google Analytics Add-on enabled).

This area can also be customized; checkboxes can be used to eliminate particular data elements, and you can reorder them with a simple click and drag. The preview pane allows you to see how each page of the report will look as you work through it.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

Flywheel Hosting stats: WordPress updates (including WP core updates, theme updates, and plugin updates), Backups, Security, Site Optimization

Google Analytics (requires Google Analytics Add-on): Users, Sessions, Average time on site, Bounce rate, Conversion rate, Traffic Sources, Devices, Page visits, Top goals

1. Select the data to include in your report using the checkboxes and toggles.

2. If you wish, reorder the content by clicking and dragging.

3. Optionally, click Save as a template to save all the customizations you’ve made so far for later use.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

4. Click Next step to continue.

Preview & schedule the report

You can now choose a client and a site to generate the report, as well as the reporting period. Client Reports are recurring and will be sent to your client at the frequency that you specify. To cycle through each page of the report, use the arrows in the preview box.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

1. Select the client and site.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

2. Add an optional custom section (e.g. new blog posts added, hero image updated, COVID banner added, etc). You can also add these later, once the report has been generated.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

3. Set the report frequency (monthly or quarterly) and the report start date.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

4. Set your notification preferences. Receive an email when the report is ready, a notification in Flywheel’s communication center, or both!

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

5. When you’re ready, click Schedule Report. You’re all set!

Report generation timeline

Now that your report is scheduled, Flywheel collects data throughout the reporting period. When this time period comes to an end, the report is generated.

If you create a new Client Report on June 15th and choose the monthly frequency, you’ll be informed that the first report will be ready on July 15th, with data from June 15th to July 14th.

Grace Period

Flywheel archives the report for up to three business days after you’ve been informed that it’s ready, which they call the “grace period.” This allows you to evaluate the data in the report and make any necessary changes before sending it to your client.

Your client will receive the report within 24 hours after you have reviewed and approved it. If you do nothing, the report will be delivered at the end of the grace period. Using the previous example, this means that the report prepared on July 15th will be delivered to your client on July 18th.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

Review & approve the report

You can now review your report and make any last-minute changes before approving it. This process is optional; if you’re confident in your report’s design and don’t make any changes, the report will be delivered to your client three days later.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

1. Add an optional custom message.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

2. Show, hide or rearrange any reporting sections. Changes made here will not affect future reports – if you wish to make the changes permanent, edit the report instead.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

3. Review your final report preview.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

4. When you’re satisfied, click Send Report, and your client will receive it within 24 hours.

5. If you’d rather not send this particular report, click Don’t Send This Report.

Sending or emailing reports to your clients

Your client gets reports through email (from no-reply@sitesandservices.com), which will include a link to the report that will expire in 7 days. Clients will not need to log in to their Client Portal to access a report this way, and they can share the link with their team or other parties at their discretion.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

Viewing report history

Your clients can also log in to their Client Portal to review or download all current and previous reports by logging in.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

Edit or cancel an active report

From the Growth Suite dashboard, you can easily edit or cancel an active client report.

Automate Your Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

1. From the individual client’s page, navigate to the Reports tab.

2. On the right sidebar, you’ll see the scheduled reports for the client.

3. Click the 3-dot menu for the report you want to alter and click Edit or Cancel.

Advantages of Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

Building a relationship with a client

Nobody really wants to do business with a company that isn’t interested in building a relationship. Consider working for a company that wants to fire you as soon as the project is completed. Isn’t it awful? Client reporting can assist you in moving one step closer to developing a relationship with your customers. It shows them that you’re still providing value and want to take things further.

Clients make wise decisions

You can generate client reports with actionable data from Google Analytics using Client Reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite. Users, sessions, average time spent on your site, bounce rate, conversion rate, top goals, traffic sources, devices, page visits, and more can all be included.

Winning clients trust

Due to a broken update or vulnerability, a website can break down at any time. And, if you don’t have a current backup, you risk losing years of hard work as well as your client. Because this is their primary source of revenue or provides a significant portion of it, your clients will take it more seriously.

All of this is managed by Flywheel Growth Suite, which provides site updates, backups, security, and optimization that can be automatically included in customer reports as part of the web hosting optimization.

Customizable report

You may personalize any of your client reports by including their official colors and logos. To make it more personalized, you can include a custom title, welcome note, remarks, and more.

Scheduling client reports

All this can be automated, and the reports will be automatically sent to your clients! This will save you a significant amount of time and money. There’s no need to pay someone to assist you with the preparation and delivery of your reports. You also won’t have to waste time reviewing it because all of the information is taken directly from the source. You won’t have to do any manual work in the time.


Flywheel Growth Suite is a comprehensive solution that includes client management, WordPress managed hosting, billing, reporting, and more, all of which work together to help your agency grow. This is the solution you need if you’re seeking a full range of tools to help you manage your agency effectively.

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